My history


Making wine has always been my dream. I remember when I was just  7/8 years old and I was looking, with admiring eyes, at my father unloading from the roof rack of his car the crates of grapes to be “crumpled” to make in the garage of a farmer-turned-citizen lambrusco for family and friends. Even today, at 92, he proudly helps me pick olives and celebrates the day by baking bread with ancient wisdom. Many years later when I bought the farm “La Mercareccia” I imagined it would be an opportunity to become a farmer again. I did it with joy and today year after year I feel like a winemaker because I enjoy pruning, harvesting and winemaking.

I make “genuine” wines, with organic grapes and simple processing, that experience the alternating events of the seasons and intend to appeal to those who do not like wines that are standardized in taste, always the same from vintage to vintage, what I call “supermarket wine“.

Fabrizio Zanfi